St. Albert Massage Therapy

Massage Memberships Available
With your membership, you pay for five massages and get one FREE

We Want You To Feel Great!

– Our goal is to help everyone feel great
– We focus on each client, and what we can give them to help them achieve their health and wellness goals
– Our office is team oriented. We work as a team to ensure our clients are supported at each acupuncture treatment.
– We are always learning and growing. This helps us give you, our client the best treatment and most up to date techniques.
– We truly care about you. Let us know what’s going on at each treatment. We have no problem accommodating each acupuncture session to ensure you’re comfortable and get what you need.

Our Services

Massage Therapy

Heals and Relaxes Muscles

Our therapists know several techniques from deep tissue massage to relaxation massage, also known as Swedish massage. We know how to help your muscles relax, feel better and heal!


Gentle Hands On Therapy
This therapy helps align your body. This treatment is gentle, and focuses on fascia, muscle tissue, viscera and joints. A great treatment for anyone!

Acupuncture Treatment

Achieve Body Balance
This treatment is a form of traditional Chinese medicine using thin needles. It can be used to treat pain, manage stress and anxiety and help achieve overall wellness.

Massage Membership Packages

Regular Massages Help
Our packages ensure you get regular massages. Choose how often you want to come in, and receive discounts! Regular massages  and acupuncture are beneficial for your body.

The Core Values of Healing Point Massage Therapy

Our Vision at Healing Point Massage Therapy is to ensure we can look after the health of 10,000 patients within the next five years.

Our Mission at Healing Point Massage Therapy is to do this with expert acupuncture treatment. This is because we truly believe people deserve to live the best life possible. Which means doing so free from suffering, physical but also mental.


– Treating clients equally. To us, this means treating each person as the most important client of the day. Giving them what they need, each and every appointment
– Acupuncture therapists support each other. We are not competitive. We realize that as a team we can help our clients achieve full body wellness.
– Continuing to learn. We are always learning so that we can always give our clients the best.
– We truly care about each of our clients, and we make sure of that at every step of the way.
– We understand that your time is valuable, as well as our therapists’ time. We lead by example by being ready for your acupuncture St Albert appointment, so that you don’t feel rushed.
– Respect is paramount. We respect each individual client, and each therapist and co-therapist as well.
– We have regular meetings to ensure we are working well as a team. Communication is the cornerstone to a well functioning clinic.
– While we have great work ethic, we like to have fun. It is a calm and enjoyable atmosphere in our clinic to put you at ease.
– We are laser focused on our clients, while maintaining great communication with each therapist.
– Trust is implicit. We ensure that our trust is earned both with each client, and with our therapists. We know that helps you have your mind at ease when you come in for treatments.
– Maintain a positive attitude. This helps us transfer positive energy to each other, and most importantly to you, our valued client.
– We celebrate our successes, and recognize all who contribute to this success. To all, we sincerely thank you.

Health is your most important resource. Let us help you enhance it!
Focusing on providing the best services for our clients.
We are a wellness oriented clinic, focusing on the services of massage therapy, manual osteopathy and acupuncture. Located in Liberton Medical Center, in the centre of beautiful St. Albert.

We place high priority on caring for your needs. Whatever your health goals, we want to ensure you get the best that we can offer. If you are needing relief from pain, stress, or need some relaxation, we can help you achieve those objectives.

We ensure each client is cared for individuals. From online client intake forms, to fully understand you and your needs. These client records are confidential and kept safe. Then, each session, whether massage, osteopathy or acupuncture is tailored to your individual needs, because each client is unique.

Each acupuncture treatment room is set up for therapeutics. Including heated massage tables and heating pads. We also ensure each room is relaxing so that you can unwind during acupuncture St Albert treatment and calm your soul. This allows your body to respond positively to our acupuncture treatments, while helping your mind be free while you are in our care.

Each treatment is scheduled carefully, to allow for enough time in between clients. You are not rushed from the room for our next client. Take your time getting up so that the relaxation we accomplished is not undone, as you get ready to go about the rest of your day. We will take care of billing and ensure that your next treatment is booked before you leave, so there is one less worry on your mind.

Visit us, and then bring your friends and family. Experience all the joy that relaxation and enhanced wellness brings to your life.

We look forward to your visit!